Beckman Multimek 96 Automated Pipettor Robotic Liquid Handler


Beckman Sequenom Multimek 96 Automated Pipettor Robotic Liquid Handler

Description - The Beckman Coulter Multimek 96 Liquid Robotic Handler delivers flexibility and
throughput. Increased throughput for molecular techniques – particularly DNA/RNA purification
methods –has led to a number of purification protocols on automated platforms. These automated
methods, however, must generate high-quality results in order to be used by downstream applications
such as sequencing, PCR, and transfection.

Key Features -
• Pneumatic tip loading for increased reliability
• Specially formulated tip boxes to reduce static
• Mechanical components located above the deck
   for trouble-free pipetting

This item features a safety shield but has no microplate holder. Software is not included and this
is reflected in the price.

We believe this to have been part of a £150K installation together with our Stock ref F169, a
Sequenom Mass Array HT Module (Nanodispenser)

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