Beckman DU 530 UV vis spectrophotometer

Beckman DU 530 UV vis spectrophotometer
The Beckman DU 530 is a research grade absorbance spectrophotometer system that is easy to operate.  The Spectrophotometer functions with a single cell module, which supports a bunch of alternative cell holders like the 16 mm test tube, 1 cm standard, 10cm rectangular turbidity, and 50uL microcell. The single cell cuvette holder of this Spectrophotometer is the typical starting configuration.  The Beckman DU530 has a fixed wavelength mode and scanning mode. It also has time-based kinetics and single component analysis, as well as protein analysis. The Beckman DU 530 Spectrophotometer also includes nucleic acid analysis with DNA/RNA/Oligo Quantitation and purity checks.
Graphical Liquid Crystal Display
Keyboard and Alphanumeric Softpad
Instrument Diagnostics * Serial Interface (RS-232)
Section counter with LC-indication
Parallel Printer Port * Support for Dot-Matrix HP DeskJet and HP LaserJet Printers
Cell Module 1cm
Wavelength range     190-1100 nm
Programs for Methods 100 user data store
Interface Serial     RS-232/ Parrallel port
Software             Multi Language
Dims 42 cm (D) x 43cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Serial# 0101U3002564
This item requires new lamps and has a faulty LCD panel as per the close up image, otherwise the instrument appears to be fully operational, responding correctly to keypad entries. As such we are selling for spares/repair.


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