Atto AE--6100 Aggarose EP Kit


Atto AE--6100 Aggarose EP Kit

Compact Submerged Gel Electrophoresis System

For Simple & Economic Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

• 8 × 10 cm, compact gel format
• Simple system for economic routines
• UV Transparent gel tray for ease of gel viewing
• Gel tray preventing gel from slipping or floating

Submerged, horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis is one of the primary tools for molecular biology, as
an easy, economic and efficient technique for separation of nucleic acids as well as analysis of
PCR-amplified fragments. AE-6100 Agarose EP Kit is offered as a convenient kit for simple and
economic applications of the technique in the gel size of 8 cm width by 10 cm length.

The kit consists of a base chamber with platinum electrodes, a safety lid with power input leads, a UVtransparent gel tray, a 1 mm thick comb for forming 10 sample wells, a comb holder and a spring clip, to readily cast and run a gel.

Serial# 480484

Additional combs/clips/lid/gel tray as per images

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