Anton Paar - Multiwave 3000 (Microwave Sample Preparation Platform System)

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Anton Paar - Multiwave 3000 (Microwave Sample Preparation Platform System)

Microwave Digestion System
High-power, unpulsed microwave
Precise regulation of energy is particularly important for the sensitive reaction control of critical samples. The intelligent power management of the dual magnetron system Multiwave 3000 delivers unpulsed microwave power over its full 1400 W range.
• Fast and homogeneous heating
• Reduced spontaneous reactions or charring
• Increased service life of microwave components
Unique vessel cooling system
Cooling time is no longer a limiting factor since the first microwave system from Anton Paar was introduced in 1989! The built in forced-air cooling system is standard in each Multiwave 3000. It prevents overheating and cools vessels within minutes after the end of a decomposition. The special air gap design and the use of quartz and ceramics provide efficient heat transfer.
• Drastically reduced cycle time
• No external cooling required
• No handling of hot pressure vessels
• Improved lifetime of key components
PTFE-coated cavity
Durable, industrial-quality components make the Multiwave 3000 suitable for harsh laboratory conditions. Its 66 liter stainless steel cavity is completely protected by a multi-layer PTFE coating.
• Maximum corrosion resistance
• Easy cleaning and maintenance
• Prepared for future system expansions
Safety system with resealing door
Maximum safety is a major benefit of the Multiwave 3000 system.
Easy handling, a library of tested methods and sophisticated sensors for reaction control are inherent safety factors. Numerous additional active and passive safety measures such as multiple overpressure release means and protection shields around the reaction vessels protect users in case of spontaneous chemical reactions. A new design of impact-resistant safety door with electrical and mechanical interlocks automatically reseals the cavity after a pressure release action. With its superior safety features the Multiwave family of instruments has won the confidence of many customers working in the most demanding areas of sample preparation.
• 1400 W microwave power ensures fast heating
• Unpulsed microwave for precise control of critical reactions
• Reliable remote sensors for convenient operation
• Fast cooling system built in to reduce total process time
• Intuitive software for easy routine operation and documentation
• Large, PTFE-coated cavity for harsh laboratory use
• Proven safety system to minimize hazards from violent reactions
Fitted software solutions
Operation of the Multiwave 3000 software is simple using the spill-proof keypad. Optional external
keyboards can be attached. The multi-tasking software provides methods management, process control, data collection, service and calibration functions. The bright graphic display shows pressure/temperature curves of reactions and other process parameters, which are controlled online with software safeguards.
Documentation is available at the push of a button. Simply connect a compatible printer or transfer
reaction data to an external host PC. Two serial RS-232 and a parallel printer interface are standard
for every Multiwave 3000 system. The connection of a balance with automatic transfer of weighing data is possible. Hardware and software are prepared to support external accessories such as the temperature sensor calibration tool.
This instrument is supplied with an 8 position rotor as per the images however no pressure vessels
Serial Number : 80094258
Power: 230V 50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 60 x 72 x 74 cm
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