AnaeroPack 2.5L Rectangular Jar


AnaeroPack 2.5L Rectangular Jar

Mitsubishi AnaeroPack 2.5L Rectangular Jar is an anaerobic jar with easy-close lid.
Space-saving, stackable, reusable jars

The Anaerobox is lightweight yet robust. The uncomplicated design makes it easy to maintain and load with a compartment for both the gas kit and also indicator, minimising the possibility of malfunction. The shape of the Anaerobox also makes it easy to store and will save space in the incubator over more conventional round jars with bulky lids that include valves and gauges.

The 2.5L Anaerobox holds up to 12 disposable, standard petri dishes at a time or 21x55mm plates, the practicality of the Anerobox complements the innovative technology which makes AnaeroGen and CampyGen sachets so easy to use. The Anerobox polycarbonate lid is secured to the base by four clips that make it easy to open and close.

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