Alnor 150 Electronic Balometer


Alnor 150 Electronic Balometer


In portable bag

The Alnor Electronic Balometer system with the
APM 150 meter is designed to measure supply or
exhaust air flow from diffusers or grills in HVAC
systems. The assembly consists of a meter, nylon
hood, handles, and a base. The meter has a digital
readout of volume flow and temperature when
used with a Balometer base. The range of
measurement spans from 50 to 2000 CFM (85 to
3400 m3/h or 24 to 945 l/s) and 32ºF to 122ºF (0ºC
to 50ºC). The meter sums and averages air flow up
to 100 points.

2 Frames supplied
61 x 61 cm
Max 120 x 64 adjustable frame

range VOLUME 50 - 2000 cfm
resolution VOLUME 1 cfm
accuracy SUPPLY
EXHAUST ±(3% of reading + 7 cfm) ±(4% of reading + 7 cfm)
display 0.44" high, 4 - digit, 7 - segment LCD
weight 9.5 lbs with hood attached.


Battery operated


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