Airwatch 1750 CO2 Sensor Module & Repeater

Airwatch 1750 CO2 Sensor Module & Repeater
Airwatch 1750 HR is a low cost monitor designed to provide a warning of dangerous CO2 levels in enclosed spaces. The unit will continuously monitor CO2 in the atmosphere and indicate conditions according to pre-set threshold levels.
Increasing importance is being attached to monitoring of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in working environments, particularly in industries where Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used in enclosed spaces and stored in bulk containers.
There are thousands of Airwatch 1750 HR units in use worldwide, primarily being utilised within the leisure industry.
• Capable of activating ancillary systems (eg. Ventilation, Gas extraction etc.)
• Repeater modules can be upto 100m from the sensor
• Utilises a long-life infrared dual-wavelength cell
• Has both visual and audible alarm output
Dimensions: 140mm x 65mm x 20mm
Ingress Protection: IP55
Weight: 200g.
Range: 0 - 5% Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Resolution: 0.01% (100 ppm) CO2
Response time: T90 <10 seconds @ 0.5% and 1.0% CO2
Audible alarm: 80dB @ 0.5m
Serial# 425812


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