Aboni FMX Hydro Tracer Moisture Meter for Solids


Aboni FMX Hydro Tracer Moisture Meter for Solids

The FMX HydroTracer is a precise instrument measuring the absolute value of the water
content in solid samples. Especially during the transformation of technical plastics the
water content determines often the quality of the later product.
High sample weights together with a high resolution of this unique test method allow the
determination of very low water contents with an accuracy of some ppm. A great variety of
powders and granules can be tested
There is no calibration necessary before the measurement. With the exception of a few  
parts of the housing, the device is made of  durable aluminium alloys, combining
toughness with low weight. These features plus the compact design are recommending the

HydroTracer as an ideal tool also for mobile use.


Sample weight:
0,01 g to 50 g (100g), depending on density and moisture

Sample volume:
approx. 40 m³

±0,1 mg H2O (1 mg water content) to
±0,3 mg H2O (20 mg water content)

Absolute measuring range:
0.2 mg - 30mg water
Relative measuring range:
0,0005%- 5% mg water content

Display via PC:
water content in mg, % and ppm, add. amb. air data: temperature, relative humidity and


Test temperatures:
50°C up to 210 °C

Serial# F-FG-0290-1112

Item is packed in hard/rigid sided travel case complete with documentation and software on disc.

Item presents in "as new" condition


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