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Vindon Environmental Chamber


Vindon Environmental Chamber, +/-10 to +65 Deg C.

From Source Bioscience
With PDF User Manual, and Hard copy Controller User Manual
We have 2 available, pricing is for each chamber

The basic cabinet is designed to operate within the temperature range of +-10ºC to +65ºC.
The cabinet functions automatically and gives visual warnings of a Hi/Lo internal air temperature
The Cabinet is designed to work in laboratory conditions i.e. 15 to 22°C and 40% to 60%RH.
It is important that it is placed on a firm, level surface away from radiant heat sources i.e. direct sunlight, central heating radiators etc. Leave a gap of at least 10cm at the back of the cabinet to allow heat dissipation from the condenser.
The Cabinet is fitted with a ‘condensate’ water drain loop at the rear of the cabinet.
The cabinet is designed to cycle between several set temperatures utilising a 16 segment programmable controller
The temperature of the cabinet is controlled by a Eurotherm 2416CP microprocessor module pulses a set of heaters located within the lower plenum and control the fridge system as required to maintain a steady temperature within the cabinet.
The controller has been factory programmed to obtain the optimum performance.
The cabinets’ control system is fitted with a High / Low Temperature alarm system that will activate visual alarms should the temperature rise or fall beyond the preset limits.

The Fridge Unit enables the cabinet to operate at or below ambient laboratory temperature levels. Acting as a ‘Heat Sink’ enables cabinets to accurately control the internal temperature over the range -10 to +30ºC.
The unit consists of a compressor which cools a heat exchanger located behind the rear false wall of the working chamber. The switch marked ‘FRIDGE ’ activates the system. The temperature controller switches the fridge on and off as required.
It is good practice to ensure the fridge condenser grille is kept free from debris etc.
Under normal operation no drains are required as the cabinet condensate drain is kept in the ‘looped’ position
During manual defrost the pipe should be un hooked and led to a suitable container to collect and dispose of the water..

The perforated grid shelves slide into fixed shelf runners, mounted on the internal sides of the cabinet.
The 516 incubators have 12 levels of shelf runners.
4 Shelves Provided.
External: H194 x D82 x W86 cm
Internal: H132 x D58 x W71 cm

240VAC 50Hz 10A
Serial# 16617


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