EquipmentLaboratory Tissue-Tek TEC III Histology Embedding Center

Tissue-Tek TEC III Histology Embedding Center


Tissue-Tek TEC III Embedding Center



  •     Includes Thermal, Dispensing, and Cryo consoles
  •     Mono-plane work surface
  •     Variable rate dispensing control
  •     6-Hole forceps warmer
  •     Separate temperature control for upper/lower chambers



The Tissue-Tek TEC III is a complete embedding center system complete with three independent modules:

a thermal console, a central paraffin dispenser workstation with cold spot, and a cryo console.

The Tissue-Tek thermal console features two chambers that adjust from 50’C to 70’C.

The front chamber holds cassettes with processed tissue specimens prior to paraffin embedding, and a rear chamber has a store and warm base.

The console has separate displays that indicate when chambers are actually being heated.

The Tissue-Tek TEC III Embedding Center’s central paraffin dispenser is the central work station that is used to heat and dispense paraffin.

This station includes a heated 2 liter paraffin chamber, a heated orientation platform, a patented "Cold Spot" for chilling specimen into position on the first paraffin pour,

plus a dispenser island for dispensing paraffin by finger touch control or foot switch. With a durable, nylon working surface,

the large orientation platform is heated to assure that the paraffin does not solidify in the preliminary phase of embedding.


Power 240V 50Hz

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