EquipmentMetrologyThorlabs PBH51517 - Performance Series I Breadboard & PFP51502 SD Isolation Table

Thorlabs PBH51517 - Performance Series I Breadboard & PFP51502 SD Isolation Table


Thorlabs PBH51517 - Performance Series I Breadboard & PFP51502 SD Isolation Table
1800 x 900 x 60 mm, M6 Taps
Thorlabs’ Performance Series of optical breadboards is a good choice for less demanding applications. A favorite of OEMs, these all-steel breadboards are also an ideal laboratory platform for optical and laser experiments in stable enviroments.
Athermalized Design for Excellent Thermal Stability
Minimal Deflection Under Load
Plated Steel Honeycomb Core and Internal Damping Provide Both Static and Dynamic Rigidity
Magnetic Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Plate
Our State-of-the-Art Material and a Thermal Bonding Process Achieve an Excellent Surface Flatness
 Hole Spacing  Metric: M6 on 25 mm Centers
 Flatness: ±0.004" (±0.10 mm) Over any 1 ft2 (0.3 m2) Area
 Thickness: (2.4") 60 mm
 Construction: Double-Plated, Single Honeycomb-Core, Athermalized Design
 Core: High-Density Plated Steel Honeycomb
 Top Plate: Magnetic Stainless Steel, (5 mm) Thick, Brushed Finish
 Bottom Plate: Magnetic Stainless Steel, (5 mm) Thick
 Sides: Black Laminated Steel
 Mounting Holes: Not Sealed
 Edge of Top Plate to First Hole 50 mm
Supplied with PFP51502 - 700 mm (27.5") SD Passive Frame, 1500 x 900 mm (5' x 3')
The passive system is based on four independent, air-mounted, passive vibration isolators. The isolators can be inflated by a simple foot pump. With a vertical resonance frequency of 3.5 Hz, these isolators are an ideal solution for general photonic applications in a typical lab environment. Passive isolation is particularly effective for instruments with a high center of gravity, providing the stability and stiffness required to result in rapid attenuation of vibrational disturbances.
Each isolator consists of a cylindrical reinforced rubber air mount in the top of a steel leg, as per the close up image. The pressure of the isolator can be adjusted by admitting or releasing air through a standard Schrader valve on the side of each isolator.
Serial# Breadboard 068037
Serial# Isolation Table 73582


Manufacturer: Thorlabs

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