EquipmentLaboratoryTechne Progene FPR0G050 DNA Thermal Cycler Thermocycler

Techne Progene FPR0G050 DNA Thermal Cycler Thermocycler


Techne Progene FPR0G050 DNA Thermal Cycler Thermocycler

The Progene provides the researcher with the means of accurately controlling the
temperature profile of samples. It has many scientific applications, including DNA
amplification and sequencing. The Progene can cycle samples between 4°C  and 99°C

The Progene is programmed by means of an integral keypad and LCD display. A program,
which can be recalled from memory, consists of:

  • a series of specified temperatures in °Celsius
  • the times for which each specified temperature will be held (Hold Times)
  • the desired heating or cooling rates, in °Celsius/min, between each specified temperature whether the times and/or the temperatures are to increase or decrease when a program is repeated

The memory can store up to 50 programs which can be linked together or repeated a number
of times in sequence

Temperature Range: 4°Celsius to 99°Celsius
Temperature Control Precision: ±0.1°Celsius
Block Uniformity (Over Full Range): ± 0.5°Celsius
Maximum Hold Time: 99 hrs 59 min
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°Celsius
Programmable Ramp Rate (Heat or Cool): from 1°Celsius/min to 60°Celsius/min
Programmable Ramp Rate Resolution: 1°Celsius
Incremental/Decremental Temperature: -5.5°Celsius to +5.6°Celsius
Incremental/Decremental Segment Hold Time: -99 to +99 in one second intervals
Number of Programs: 50
Number of Segments per Program: 9
Maximum Total Number of Segments: 143
Number of Repeat Cycles per Program: 99
Program to Program Linking: Yes
End of Program Alarm: Yes
Pause Button: Yes
Auto Re-Start: Yes

Serial # 59243-4

Note damage to catch on lid as per close up image however this does not affect the unit's operating functions

Manufacturer: Techne Precision

Price: £295.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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