EquipmentLaboratoryScientific Industries Disruptor Genie (Cell Disruptor)

Scientific Industries Disruptor Genie (Cell Disruptor)


Scientific Industries Disruptor Genie (Cell Disruptor)

Model SI-D266

Dramatically Increased Disruption Efficiency. Ideal for
difficult glass bead procedures - cell
disruptions/homogenizations of yeast cells, bacteria, plant and
animal tissue and pellet resuspensions. or anything that
requires extremely violent high-speed agitation.

More Than Vortexing Alone. Patented multi-directional action
simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed producing
greater yields in less time.

Convenient. Hands-Free Automatically Timed disruption of up to
12 microtubes. 0-15 minute auto-off timer or continuous

Economical. Performance comparable to expensive ultrasonic cell

Vortex-Genie Rugged Reliability. Solid metal casting and
stainless steel construction. Does not “walk”.

Suitable for Use in Cold Rooms or Incubators

Supplied with     Microtube holder for (12) microtubes (tubes not
Weight     4.3 Kg
Base Dimensions (D x W x H)     165 x 122 x 190mm
Time range (Analog)     0 - 15 minutes or continuous
Capacity     Up to 12 - 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes
Speed     2850 RPM

Serial# D6-1034

Manufacturer: Scientific Industries

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