EquipmentElectricalRadiation Power Systems 2105CP 5000W Lamp Illumination Controller

Radiation Power Systems 2105CP 5000W Lamp Illumination Controller


Radiation Power Systems 2105CP 500W Lamp Illumination Controller

To operate "gas discharge short arc lamps"


The 2105CP is a solid-state line and load regulated constant power, manually adjusted Illumination Controller designed to operate gas discharge short arc lamps. The 2105CP is designed to operate a mercury vapor short arc lamp with negative pressure fill characteristics that allow a breakdown voltage of 1800 volts or less. The 2105CP is provided with a direct reading wattmeter, voltmeter and ammeter on the front panel and a power set control to vary the power delivered to the lamp. A two position switch mounted on the printed circuit card internal to the power supply provides two power ranges for the front panel power control. The low range is achieved by setting the tab of SW1 (see card assembly drawing) down. The high range is achieved by setting the tab of the switch up.



Length:    16.5 in.
Width:        10.2 in.
Height:    6 in.
Weight:    25 lbs.


Input voltage:    120 or 230 VAC, 50-60 HZ single phase, See Fig. 1 voltage selection.
Line frequency:        50-60 Hz.
Power regulation:        2%
Open Ckt. Voltage:        340 VDC max.
Max lamp current:        12.5 amps


Lamp connectors:        Amp 862435-3
Interlock:                      Cinch Jones 4 pin P404-AB
120 VAC fan output:    Cinch Jones 3 pin P303-AB

Serial: 4666

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