EquipmentULT Laboratory FreezersProfiline Pegasus PLPE 4586 -86 ULT Freezer

Profiline Pegasus PLPE 4586 -86 ULT Freezer


Profiline Pegasus PLPE 4586 -86 ULT Freezer
Slimline ULT from National Lab, Germany.

User Manual

Year 2006, in dry storage since 2011

  •     Static cooling and manual defrost
  •     Most reliable and less complicated compressor technology from Danfoss,
  •     low-noise
  •     Microprocessor driven temperature controller with digital display
  •     Visual/audible alarm device
  •     - Mains independent
  •     - Alarm warning for excess and sufficient temperature
  •     - No-volt remote alarm contact for connection to a remote alarm system
  •     RS-485 port
  •     External housing made of stainless steel (CNS)
  •     Sturdy cabinet doors, double walled and well insulated
  •     balanced and easy to operate
  •     Door hinges on right, changeable
  •     5 inner doors inside the cabinet reduce cold losses on opening
  •     4 castors, 2 lockable

Ext. dimensions (W×D×H)                                                      678 × 785 × 2190
Int. dimensions of the 3 upper comp. (W×D×H)     mm :         480 × 586 × 257
Int. dimensions of the lower 2 comp. (W×D×H)     mm :         480 × 586 × 318

Volume 450 Litres

National Labs, Manufacturers Web Site:

Power: 250V 50/60Hz

Serial No: 2006PLPE1065

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