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Pelton & Crane Magnaclave Autoclave


Pelton & Crane Magnaclave Autoclave
With a chamber size that measures 15" x 26", the Magna-Clave is ideal for busy group practices, emergency clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics and small hospitals.
Overall Dimensions
 (71.1 cm) Wide x  (87.6 cm) Deep x  (134.6 cm) High with stand
 (58.4 cm) High without stand
To operate and maintain the Magna Clave, a minimum space of 34" – 40" wide x 56" deep x 65" high (with stand) 35" (without stand) is required.
Magnaclave Benefits
Timer activates automatically as the desired pressure for sterilization is reached.
Large chamber capacity (15" x 26") makes unit ideal for busy group practices, emergency clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics and small hospitals.
Safety lock system protects personnel from accidentally opening the door under pressure.
Stand provides a handy storage space.
Completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start, 35 minutes from a cold start.
Reservoir drain is conveniently located on the front for easy cleaning.
It is designed and manufactured to ASME specs for safety.
Clear, concise operating instructions makes training easy.
Very simple and easy door locking mechanism.
Separate temperature and pressure gauges make monitoring sterilization parameters simple and easy.
Green area is clearly marked on both the temperature and pressure gauge showing the normal sterilization range for quick monitoring.
Indicator lights show “Power On”, “Heat On”, “Sterile”, and “Open Door”, giving easy, positive indication of the status of the sterilization cycle.
Buzzer sounds at the end of sterilization cycle alerting operator that chamber can be vented.
Water reservoir has large capacity to adequately cool condensed steam, reducing the need for refilling.
Safety interlock prevents main heaters from activating unless door is securely locked for added safety.
“Open door” light lets operator know when pressure has dissipated to the point where the door can be safely opened.
Water level indicator clearly shows how much water is needed.
Preheat feature allows faster.
Mechanical stops prevent the function control from being operated in an unsafe manner
Large size is ideal for the busy group practice, emergency clinic, or small hospital
ASME- type safety valve to limit maximum chamber pressure to 34 PSI
SERIAL# 8005
DOM Jan 2007
Supplied with a fresh set of autoclave bags and hard copy manual


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