EquipmentMedicalInfors Precidor Type 8003 Infusion Pump (Syringe Pump)

Infors Precidor Type 8003 Infusion Pump (Syringe Pump)


Infors Precidor Type 8003 Infusion Pump (Syringe Pump)
The PRECIDOR Infusion Pump has a proven record of performance in long-term
parenteral drug application. It is used for the infusion of anticoagulants, fibrinolises, an-aesthetics, birth induction, replacement of liquids and electrolytes in newly born and premature infants etc., as well as for chromatography, gradient work, titration, radiology, feeding of tissue cultures – wherever fluids must be moved at extremely low, precise, uniform and reproducible flow rates.
Precise flow control
The electronic control system ensures that the piston travels at constant speed, irrespective of load or variations of mains voltages up to 10%. The instrument employs a stepping motor with variable electronic speed control, which enables the forward travel of the piston to be adjusted steplessly from 0,01 to 10 mm per minute by means of the three decade switch combined with a precision potentiometer. Depending on the syringe used, the infusion rate can be steplessly adjusted between 0,000002 ml/min (with
Hamilton-Microsyringe Type 701 LTWG) and 16,7 ml/ min (with Socorex-Syringe Type Standard 50, 100 ml).
Accepts all standard syringes.
Stepless adjustment of dosing rate.
Uniform and reproducible flow. Exceptionally reliable in routine and continuous use.
PUMP SYSTEM  Piston type
WEIGHT, kg 4.2
PDF Manual
Serial number 104667
Dims (D) 35cm x (W) 17cm x (H) 16cm


Price: £120.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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