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Eppendorf BioPhotometer


Eppendorf BioPhotometer

State-of-the-art technology with an easy-to-use format in a compact footprint:
that is the Eppendorf BioPhotometer! It's large key pads, pre-programmed
methods, and pre-set wavelengths and conversion factors greatly simplify the
sample quantification. The large LCD screen displays the sample concentrations,
absorption values, OD260/OD230 and OD260/OD230 and sample dilutions at a glance.

  • Compact design, easy to transport
  • Robust housing, splash- and water-resistant
  • High-value components guarantee high operating safety
  • Metal housing ensures high stability
  • Xenon flash lamp source with extremely long service life (10 years)
  • Ready to measure immediately (no warmup time)
  • Self-explanatory, extremely simple operation
  • Measurement only takes approx 2 seconds
  • Programmed methods: ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, Oligo, Protein, Lowry/Lowry micro, Bradford/Bradford micro, BCA/BCA micro, and OD 600
  • Optional background correction at 320 nm for UV methods
  • Automatic calculation of sample dilution
  • Simple conversion using the "Conversion" key
  • Up to 10 standards for colorimetric analyses
  • Storage of the last 100 results and all corresponding data
  • Storage of all calibrations
  • Sample data and calibration data can be called up after being stored

The Eppendorf BioPhotometer minimizes the workload for everyday routines in
molecular biology and biochemistry. The easy-to-follow keypad speeds operation.

Each method has its own key and parameters are set automatically when the method
is selected. Programmed methods include ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, Oligos, Protein OD
600; and Lowery, Bradford, BCA (plus micromethods).

Optical system:    Absorption, single-beam photometer with reference beam
Light source:    Xenon flash lamp
Light beam height:     8.5 mm
Spectral range:    220 to 750 nm
Wavelengths:    Xe 230; 260; 280; 320; 562; 595 nm
Spectral range width:     5 nm: 230 to 320 nm; 7 nm: 562 to 595 nm
Photometric measuring range:    0,000 to 3,000 A
Photometric accuracy:    ±1% at 1 A
Photometric precision:    < 0.5% at 1 A
Method-dependent evaluation:    - Absorbance/concentration using factor
    - Concentration using calibration with 1 to 10 standards
    - One-point calibration (1 std) / linear regression (2 to 10 standards)
    - Non-linear regression (polynom, 3rd degree; 4 or 5 standards), 1x, 2x or 3x determination
    - Ratio 260/280, ratio 260/230, molar concentration, total yield
    - Warburg formula for protein direct A280
Calibration memory:    For protein methods
Results memory:    For 100 results with absorbance, ratio values, sample no.,
dilution, date and time
Printer interface:    RS-232C, serial, for printer or PC with BioPhotometer software package
Power consumption:    Approx. 20 W in operation; 10 W in standby mode

PDF Manual and Brochure available

Dims 33cm (D) x 20cm (W) x 9cm (H)

Manufacturer: Eppendorf

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