EquipmentLaboratoryClifton 1105E Rectangular Aluminium Electrically Heated, Multi-place Bath

Clifton 1105E Rectangular aluminium electrically heated, multi-place bath


Clifton 1105E Rectangular aluminium electrically heated, multi-place bath

Fixed temperature for boiling water, fitted with concentric ringed lids to vary the hole size.
The steam produced provides an effective source of heat for samples:
  • That may be otherwise thermally damaged by a naked flame
  • Used for applications to distill/concentrate liquids, melt agar and other solids
  • Metallurgical analysis, protein analysis and bacteriological examinations

Features an integral constant level device to maintain constant water level during boiling and supplied with sets of rings to vary the diameter of each hole to accommodate different sizes of vessels of evaporating dishes and glassware, including round-bottom flasks simultaneously. Fitted with a sheathed immersion element and a one shot thermal cut out for safety.
Power Consumption (220-240V), 1000W
By removing concentric rings, the hole sizes can be varied to accommodate different sizes of vessels simultaneously.
Number of holes in bath lid 6 off with maximum hole diameter 80mm.
In each aperture a 4 ring set is fitted.
  • Centre ring - removed, aperture 30mm diameter hole.
  • Ring 1 - removed, aperture 42mm diameter hole.
  • Ring 2 - removed, aperture 58mm diameter hole.
  • Ring 3 - removed, maximum diameter 80mm hole.

The constant level maintains liquid level during boiling. Use standard laboratory tubing and connect one outlet to a tap and adjust the water supply to maintain boiling whilst it automatically maintains water level. The other outlet acts as an overflow to a sink or drain. The constant level features a spout allowing quick visible checks that the water supply is being maintained in use.
Serial# 72589
PDF Manual
Dimensions External: 400w x 200d x 90h mm
Temperature Range Boiling @100°C
Temperature control Constant boiling no control.


Manufacturer: Clifton/Nickel Electro

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