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Bio-Techne UV PCR hood


Bio-Techne UV PCR hood


    UV Decontamination after use: The unit has a powerful UV lamp inside to
allow a fast, safe and effective method of sterilisation after use.

    User Protection: Prevention of harmful UV exposure to personnel from the UV
lamp is achieved by an automatic shut off mechanism, which is activated if the
front of the cabinet is opened while illuminated. The design of the 10mm thick
acrylic cabinet also ensures that there is no UV leakage.

    Timer: Depending on the degree of UV exposure required, a timer precisely
controls the "lamp on time" between 5 and 30 minutes.

    Ergonomic: Internal dimensions allow maximal use of the internal space,
while the special front panel provides comfortable arm positioning.

    Power access: two neat access points at the rear of the unit mean equipment
used inside the cabinet can be discretely plugged into the mains.

    P32: The 10 mm thick acrylic is an ideal protection against low levels of
P32 â radiation. With the airflow switched off it provides a safe all round
barrier protecting both the user and passers-by.

The BioTechne UV Hood has a powerful CUV lamp (15 Watt) to protect against
cross-contamination through UV cross-linking. To ensure that the lamp functions
optimally it can be accessed easily to allow not only for replacement, but also
regular cleaning.

Features Optional 13Amp socket at rear

Serial# 106857-1

Dims 60cm (D) x 66cm (W) x 73cm (H)

Manufacturer: Techne Precision

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