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BIO-RAD Gene Pulser II RF Module


BIO-RAD Gene Pulser II RF Module
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The RF Gene Pulser module, the latest addition to the Gene Pulser II electroporation family, permits the user to electroporate samples using either square or sinusoidal waves. Electroporation is a process whereby the membrane of a cell is temporarily destabilized in specific regions by exposure to high intensity electric field pulses. During this destabilization period, the cell membrane is highly permeable to exogenous molecules present in the surrounding media. Electroporation can thus be regarded as a massive micro-injection technique that is used to inject anywhere from one cell to millions of cells with specific biological molecules (typically DNA or proteins). These transformed molecules are then used as tools to unravel key issues concerning the control and expression of cell growth and development.
The RF module is used in conjunction with the Gene Pulser II main module to deliver an entirely different waveform for the transfer of biological molecules (DNA or protein) into cells. This new waveform uses RF (radio-frequency) output, in combination with the advanced circuitry of the Gene Pulser II system, to create innovative FlexWave™ technology that delivers many advantages over conventional capacitor discharge and square wave electroporation
Input voltage 220/240 V RMS, 50/60 Hz
Max input current (inrush) 15 amp RMS
Maximum output voltage and current 400 V at 6 amp peak (normal load); limited to 6 A during arc.
Output waveform Combination of sine wave w/DC level and square wave user adjusted
Ambient operating environment Temperature 0–35 °C
Humidity 0–95% without condensation
Regulatory Passes requirements of EN 61010. In addition, the system passes requirements for FCC, Class A.
Dimensions 24 x 31 x 13 cm
Weight 3.7 kg
Serial# 431BR01090
PDF Manual Available
Please also see our stock reference J407, we have a Gene Pulser 11 and capacitance extender plus available


Manufacturer: BIO-RAD

Price: £550.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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