Stuart SRT2 Roller Mixer

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Stuart SRT2 Roller Mixer
These units provide a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling mixing action, suitable for mixing applications where minimum aeration is required, including blood samples, viscous material, and liquid-solid suspensions.
Designed for easy cleaning with plastic rollers and drip trays made from SS to hold accidental spillages.
• For small vials or bottles (max. bottle diam: 135 mm)
• Choice of rolling action only or combined rocking and rolling action
• Rocking amplitude: 8 of 16 mm
• Remove one or more rollers for better grip of larger bottles
• Designed for continuous operation
AC input    230 V 
grade      CE Compliant 
feature    Rollers rotate at 33 rpm 
           with 10 rollers 
L × diam.    300 mm × 30 mm , Rollers 
Dims 38cm (D) x 50cm (W) x 10cm (H)
Serial# R000102786


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