Electrothermal Heating and Stirring Mantle EMA0250


Electrothermal Heating and Stirring Mantle

EMA0250CE (250ml Capacity)

The Electrothermal Heating and Stirring Mantle with built
in controller, has a resilient, chemical resistant polypropylene outer
housing that minimizes damage from spills, making it ideal for a
broad range of applications.

Designed to stir and heat liquid. Stirring can be single or bi-directional

Vented case created a unique air flow that allows housing to be safe
to the touch when in use

Grounded screen provides additional safety should liquids spill or
flasks break

Heating cartridge can be quickly and easily replaced

Mantles are double fused for added safety

Automatic capture catches the stir-bar to start stirring if stirring is

Two indicator lights signal power on and heater on

PDF Manual Available
Note we currently hold a count of EMA0100/250/500 heating stirring mantles and
EM0100/250/500 heating mantles. Please enquire if you need multiple items.

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