Atas Int'l Optic 3 High Performance Injector

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Atas Int'l Optic 3 High Performance Injector
Multi Mode Inlet OPTIC 3
Increase capacity of your GC system with OPTIC 3 injector!
OPTIC 3 is a highly advanced injector with sophisticated temperature and gas flow control that can be used for the most demanding GC analyses. As its predecessor, OPTIC 2, the new system can be used for hot split/splitless, cold split/splitless and on-column injections. Standard available facilities are:
    Large Volume Injections
    Thermal Desorption
    Pyrolysis (liquid and solid)
    Cryo Focus
OPTIC 3 is designed to be compatible with most popular makes and models of GC and GC-MS. Once installed, OPTIC 3 should be fully compatible with an autosampler.
OPTIC 3 system consists of the injector, the control unit and the dedicated control software - ATAS Evolution Workstation. There is also a special solvent sensor in the split line, this sensor can be used for automatic solvent venting. The software graphically displays all the system parameters in a real time mode and gives a possibility to save the run-time data for every injection.
The patented design of the injector body helps to have the best transfer of the compounds from the injector onto the analytical column. This can be seen both for volatile and heave compounds. 
Dimensions: 43cm x 15cm x 43cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 11 kg
Ambient temperature range: 10 - 40ºC
Ambient operating humidity: 5 - 90%
Mains power: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 80 VA
Conforms to safety standards:
The European Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC
Storage of ten methods and three sequences
Full electronic pressure/flow control
Maximum operating temperature: up to 600ºC at a GC oven temperature of 35ºC
Cooling: air (down to 35ºC), LCO2 (down to -50ºC), LN2 (down to -180ºC)
Temperature ramp rates: 1 - 30ºC/sec, in 0.1ºC increments
Up to nine temperature programme ramps including negative
Compatible with Merlin Micro Seal septum
Compressed air for cooling: moisture and oil free air at a pressure of 500 kPa (80 PSI)
Electronic Gas Control:
Two EGC channels
Full electronic control of column, split and septum purge flows
Pressure range: 2 - 100 psi
Flow range: 6 - 300 ml/min He (main channel, all models), 6 - 100 ml/min He (auxiliary channel, OPTIC 3-D and DC only)
Pressure sensors:
  accuracy : ±2% full scale
  repeatability: ±0.2% full scale
Flow sensors:
accuracy : ±2% full scale
repeatability: ±0.2% of full scale
Up to nine flow/pressure programme ramps
He, N2 or H2 carrier gas at a maximum pressure of 100 psi (700 kPa)
Solvent detector (TCD) in the split line
External Communication:LAN
RS-232 (115,200 baud max.)
Seven auxiliary relay outputs (30V/500 mA max.)
External 5 V and 24 V supply connections (250 mA max.)
Remote start/stop to GC and auto sampler
Four auxiliary inputs
Serial# H0303119
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