EquipmentX-Rite 361T Desktop Transmission Densitometer

X-Rite 361T Desktop Transmission Densitometer


X-Rite 361T Desktop Transmission Densitometer

Dims 44cm (D) x 33cm (W) x 18cm (H)

The X-Rite 361T sets the standard in transmission densitometers.Thousands of desktop publishers, service bureaus, trade shops and printers rely on the 361T to monitor the quality of their film output. It delivers unsurpassed versatility and accuracy. Whether you’re using the 361T for imagesetter linearization, exposure adjustment, processor quality control, or verifying duplicated or contacted films,
you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible results.


The 361T is the only densitometer to make accurate density and dot area measurements from your films. It was designed especially to allow instrument calibration to a known density reference and calibration to a known dot reference as well.
The 361T is unique because it has a built-in UV response mode for measurement of otherwise in visible film base fog. An ordinary densitometer is not sensitive to UV blocking that can occur in the seemingly clear film base. The UV response of the 361T can also be used to evaluate diazo films which are commonly used in the production of electronic circuit boards.

Automation Options

Using an RS232 interface you can record readings directly into a spreadsheet
for quality control analysis. It is also possible to transmit data directly to your RIP to automate your calibration process

Measures density (up to 6.0D) and dot area. Used to linearize imagesetters, adjust exposure, perform processor quality control, verify duplicated or contacted films. UV mode measures film base fog and evaluates diazo films.

Product Features:
Measuring area: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm apertures standard
Measures negative and positive percent dot area
Includes both Ortho and UV densitometer responses
Includes interface connection for transmitting dot area readings to computers

Serial# 06930

PDF Manual and Brochure available

Measuring Range
0 to >6.0D
0% to 100% (+/- dot)
Measuring Area
1mm, 2mm, and 3mm (0.5mm optional)
Ortho,Visual (2mm and 3mm aperture)
±0.01D (0.0D to 5.0D)
±2% (5.0D to 5.5D)
±3% (5.5D to 6.0D)

Ortho,Visual (1mm aperture):
±0.01D (0.0D to 4.5D)
±1% (4.5D to 5.0D)

UV (3mm aperture)
±0.01D (0.0D to 3.5D)
±1% (3.5D to 4.0D)

Ortho,Visual (2mm and 3mm aperture)
±0.02D (0.0D to 5.0D)
±1% (5.0D to 5.5D)
±2% (5.5D to 6.0D)

Ortho,Visual (1mm aperture)
±0.02D (0.0D to 4.5D)
±1% (4.5D to 5.0D)

UV (3mm aperture)
±0.02D (0.0D to 3.5D)
±1% (3.5D to 4.0D)

Warm-Up Time
2 minutes
5 minutes (UV)

Zero Stability
±0.02D per 8 hours

X-Rite Ortho
X-Rite UV

Measuring Length (Throat)
10.25 inches

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