EquipmentWescor Aerospray Microbiology Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge 7320

Wescor Aerospray Microbiology Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge 7320


Wescor Aerospray Microbiology Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge 7320

The Aerospray Microbiology Stainer/Cytocentrifuge introduces an exciting new concept for the clinical laboratory, two essential instruments in one economical package.

As a Gram Slide Stainer Aerospray provides many advantages over hand staining or automated dip type stainers, including speed, economy, consistent performance, and no cross-contamination.

Slide Carousel Capacity  12 Slides
Carousel Rotation Speed  Reagent application 20 RPM, Slide drying approximately 950 RPM
Cytocentrifuge Rotor Speed Programmable, 100 to 2000 RPM
Display 4 line by 16 character alpha-numeric LCD dot-matrix
Touch Pad Controls  6 Decolorizer selections, 10 Numeric Programming Keys, Run, Stop, Clean, Prog, CytoCent, Volume Test
Slides per 500 mL stain pack at medium setting Maximum 1200 (12 slides/run)
 Minimum 600 (2 slides/run)
Operating Time 294 - 475 seconds, depending upon decolorizer setting
Dimensions (W x H x D) 56 cm x 24 cm x 53 cm  
Clearance Height (lid open) 58 cm (
Weight 17.6 kg  
Electrical Requirements 100V, 120V, 220V, or 240V @ 50-60 Hz (user selectable), 75 watts
Drain Connection Nipple on rear panel
Safety lid interlock:  Lid must be closed, and is locked down during operation

PDF Manual

No Rotor/Slide Carousel

Serial# 73200590

Some staining to side of unit as per images

Dims 52cm (D) x 53cm (W) x 24cm (H)

Price for current version  (7322) is £10,145.00

Price: £500.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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