EquipmentLaboratoryVWR 720 Advanced Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

VWR 720 Advanced Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer


VWR 720 Advanced Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
Excellent Temperature Uniformity
Microprocessor Controlled
Cool Touch, Chemical-Resistant Housing
LED Display For Temperature
Advanced hot plate stirrers are designed to deliver accurate and repeatable results in general-purpose laboratory applications. These microprocessor controlled units feature a front-facing control panel with an easy-to-read LED that displays set-point temperature. Enhanced electronics regulate the robust heater, which brings samples to the desired temperature quickly and efficiently. Speed is precisely controlled, and provides consistent stirring at all speeds. The low profile design utilizes minimal bench space and permits use within a fume hood. Unit housing is constructed of a heat- and chemical-resistant polymer that remains cool to the touch during operation. The spill-resistant design channels fluids away from internal components in the event of spills.
Reflective white ceramic tops are chemical-resistant and easy to clean. A ramping feature that gradually increases speed results in improved safety, enhanced coupling, and excellent low end speed control. A built-in memory recall provides users with the last set temperature, even after the unit has been turned off. For additional safety, a hot symbol warning light is illuminated when the hot plate is in use, and remains lit until the top plate is sufficiently cooled.
Speed range 60 to 1600 rpm
Temperature range 5° above ambient to 500°C
Max. stirring capacity H₂O 2500(ml)
Heat output (W) 1050
Plate dimensions (mm) 180×180

Serial# 070619009
Dims 38cm (D) x 25cm (W) x 11cm (H)
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