EquipmentElectricalThurlby Thandar Instruments TTi PL154 15V 4A Power Supply

Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTi PL154 15V 4A Power Supply


Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTi PL154 15V 4A Power Supply
TTi PL154 Bench Power Supply, 1 Output 0 → 15.5V 0 → 4A 240W

PL Series Single, Dual and Triple Output PSUs

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Pre Used:
Variable series regulated DC power supplies designed for operation in both constant current and constant voltage mode.

Line and load regulation <0.01% of maximum output
Remote voltage & current sensing capability
Outputs continually displayed
Full short circuit, reverse voltage and overload protection
Current limit may be set prior to connecting load
Logarithmic current limit control
Single output: PL154, PL320, PL330
Single programmable model which can also be operated in Local (non-programmable) mode
Fitted with GPIB (to IEEE-488·2) & RS-232 (conventional or addressable) interfaces
Single programmable output PL330P
Dual programmable output PL330DP
Dual programmable version of PL330P
Unit comprises 2 power supplies with bank of 4 interlocked pushbutton switches which provide 4 separate modes of operation for the 2 main outputs
Dual output quad mode PL320QMD & PL330QMD
Triple output quad mode PL320QMT & PL330QMT
Variation of the dual quad mode PSU with additional independent high current output for powering 5V logic circuits

Dimensions: D26 x W16 x H17 cm
Serial: 0090
240V 50 Hz

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