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Thermo Electron Co Spectra Degasser SCM1000


Thermo Electron Co Spectra Degasser SCM1000

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TSP Thermo Separation Products SCM1000 Vacuum Membrane Solvent Degasser SpectraSYSTEM / Spectra System / HPLC / Chromatography

Thermo Scientific SpectraSYSTEM SCM1000 Solvent Degasser rids the system of unwanted air pockets that can dimish the results of analysis. Dissolved gases account for many of the common problems encountered in routine analyses, such as bubble formation, pump cavitation, detector noise, baseline drift, and gradient precision. The Thermo Scientific SpectraSYSTEM solvent degassers ensure the optimum performance of a HPLC system by thoroughly removing dissolved gases from the mobile phase.


Degasser Only

    Capacity, solvent bottle holder: Four 1 liter bottles (not included)
    Number of solvent channels: Four separate
    Maximum flow rate per channel: 5 mL/min
    Volume/channel: 12 mL
    Maximum allowable tubing pressure: 5 psig (0.35 kg/cm2)
    Liquid connections: 8
    Electrical: 110 VAC 60 Hz, or 220 VAC 50 Hz

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