EquipmentLaboratoryThermo Cytomat 24 C4-rH Microplate Incubator, Automation

Thermo Cytomat 24 C4-rH Microplate Incubator, Automation


Thermo Cytomat 24 C4-rH Microplate Incubator
Automated Microplate Storage, Incubation and steady Co2

New and Unused, but pre owned, At a Very Low Price, as you will need Installation expertise from Thermo or similar.
Comes with 27 Microplate racks Still sealed in the manufacturers box

This Instrument is Brand New, and Unused. It is an instrument that can be supported and Installed by Thermo Scientific or similar.

The Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 24 C series automated incubator is the ideal solution for highest capacity storage and incubation.

The Cytomat 24 C automated incubator is a floor-standing unit with a capacity for 504 standard microplates and offers several models (incubator, wide temperature range with various temperature ranges, and gate positions). Its design and unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability ensure that your processes can be fully reproduced, providing with the same high quality results every time.

The Cytomat 24 C automated incubator provides an ideal environment for storage and incubation of assays in a temperature range of ambient +4° to 20°C, with high humidity up to 95% r.H. and stable CO2 conditions.

The Cytomat 24 C automated incubator is suitable for incubation and cell culture applications and offers extremely uniform environmental conditions for all microplates, elimination of recovery times and reduced array variance.

Product Size    -
Capacity    672pcs. 1536-well plates
504pcs. 96-well or 384-well plates
310pcs. transwell or insert plates
240pcs. deep-well
168pcs. tip-boxes
Depth (English)    35.2in.
Depth (Metric)    894mm
Height (English)    35.2in.

Height (Metric)    1858mm

Voltage    230V
Width (English)    36.5in.
Width (Metric)    927mm
Access Time    Below 30sec.
Features    Incubation and storage unit with temperature range above, humidity up to 95% r.H. and CO2 range of 0 - 20 Vol. %.
Model    Cytomat 24 C -RH
Temperature    Ambient +4°C to 20°C
Certifications/Compliance    CE marked
Electrical Requirements    230V 50Hz


Serial No: 40996505

Thermo Order code: 50117980

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