EquipmentLaboratorySupelco Discovery HLPC Column C18-5 HLPC Column (25cm X 4.6mm) (5um)

Supelco Discovery HLPC column C18-5 HLPC Column (25cm x 4.6mm) (5um)


Supelco Discovery HLPC column

C18-5 HLPC Column (25cm x 4.6mm) (5um)

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SL 010302DQ

Related Categories     5 micron, Analytical/Chromatography, C18 HPLC Columns, Discovery BIO Wide Pore (300 Å) C18, Discovery Wide Pore C18 HPLC Columns for proteins,
feature       endcapped
extent of labeling       9.2% Carbon loading
L × I.D.       25 cm × 4.6 mm
surface coverage       3.6 µmol/m2
matrix       silica particle platform
matrix active group       octadecyl phase
particle size       5 µm
pore size       300 Å
surface area       100 m2/g
suitability       suitable for L1 per USP

 General description

Peptide maps generated by RP-HPLC provide valuable information about protein structure, stability, and purity. To be effective, the RP-HPLC column must be able to resolve a high percentage of the peptides in the sample. The more peptides, the better the information. Discovery BIO Wide Pore C18 gives unsurpassed RP-HPLC resolution of peptide maps from enzymatic digests. The improvements in silica and bonded-phase chemistry we have incorporated into the Discovery BIO Wide Pore line improve resolution by increasing efficiency and reducing the peak tailing. An added benefit to this is the ability to analyze peptides without TFA in the mobile phase, thereby increasing the LC-MS signal.


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