EquipmentLaboratoryThermo, Spectra System, HPLC System Including PC And Chromquest 4.1 Chromatography Software

Thermo, Spectra System, HPLC System Including PC and Chromquest 4.1 Chromatography software


Thermo, Spectra System, HPLC System
Including PC with Chromquest 4.1 Chromatography software.

  •     Spectra System AS3000 Autosample
  •     Spectra 2000 HPLC Pump
  •     UV/Vis Absorbance Detector
  •     Two 4 Channel Degasser Units
  •     Agilent 1100 G1362A RID
  •     SN4000 Controller - With user guide

AS 3000 Autosampler Specifications:

  • Vial capacity:
    • 120 vials in three removable trays
    • 105 vials with tray temperature control
  • Variable-Volume:
    • Injection Precision: <0.5 % RSD @ 10 pL or greater
    • Injection Volume: 0.1 - 100 pL injection standard (250 uL syringe) up to 1000 uL injections with larger loops and syringes
  • Fixed-Loop:
    • Injection Precision: <0.5% RSD @ 10 uL or greater
    • Injection Volume: 20 uL standard (250 uL syringe) 1000 uL injections with larger loops and syringes
  • Sample Carryover:
    • <0.0 I% at 300 gL flush volume
    • 5 mL flush volumes can be set
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 1 uL can be injected from 5 uL with an end-port needle
  • Needle Height: Programmable in 0.1 mm increments
  • Method Files: Protected in non-volatile memory
  • Communications
    • Remote Inputs: Pump Ready, Inject Hold
    • Outputs Pump Stop, Autosampler Ready, Inject, Gradient Start, Four timed-event outputs
    • SpectraNETIRS-232 port
  • Ambient Environment: 10° - 40°C, 5 - 95% relative humidity
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 41cm x 51cm (HxWxD)


Agilent 1100 G1362A RID
Advanced temperature controlled detector optics ready to use within two hours of installation
Automatic zero and automatic purge combined with a recycle valve for automatic solvent recycling allow uninterrupted operation
Automatic light intensity control circuit to ensure the optimum performance of the optics
Integrated diagnostics for efficient troubleshooting
Built-in refractive index calibration
Front access to valves and capillaries for easy maintenance


Spectra Systems P2000 HPLC Pump:

The P2000 is designed for reliable, binary gradient operation. Advanced features, including four named files with up to 40 program lines per file, a queue for file linking, and logical user interface provide flexibility for the development or quality control laboratory.

  • Real-time pressure feedback control system provides automatic solvent compressibility compensation for accurate, precise flows
  • Highest retention time reproducibility from precise flow control, solvent proportioning and efficient mixing


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