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Perkin Elmer NCI900 Network Chromatography Interface


Perkin Elmer NCI900 Network Chromatography Interface.


User Manual for the NCI 901 is available with this unit


The Perkin Elmer NCI Intelligent Interfaces enhances the capabilities of the TotalChrom/Tubrochrom chromatography data handling system. The Network Chromatography Interfaces (NCI) can be connected directly to the network using its own IP address and Ethernet 10Base-T communication.


The NCI interfaces are used to collect analog data from chromatographs made by virtually any vendor and of any age. They provide the ability to maintain data collection and retain the data collected in buffered memory, even when the “Acquire” computer or the computer network is unavailable, thus preventing the loss of valuable data. 902 Intelligent Interface with RVP/Relay Board is a dual channel A/D with 256KB RAM memory and RVP/Relay board. Stores up to 120K data points. Unipolar/bipolar operation modes. Requires one IEEE or RS232 interface

- Single instrument/dual analog channel NCI
- Sampling rate: 200 Hz to 0.1 Hz
- 256 KB of dynamic memory
- Stores up to 120,000 data points
- Unipolar/bipolar operation mode

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer

Price: £50.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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