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Perkin Elmer Lambda 40 UV/VIS Spectrometer


Perkin Elmer Lambda 40 UV/VIS Spectrometer

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Pre Used. In full working condition. Both Lamps working however Lamp Life unknown.

The Perkin Elmer Lambda 40 is a laboratory grade double-beam UV/Vis spectrometer. LAMBDA systems are easy to operate and deliver results you can trust with the minimum of operator training. The instrument can be operated by the front panel display or through the remote interface. Fast scan speeds, accuracy, high-resolution, low stray light, and several modes of operation are features of the Lamda 40.

  • 190-1100nm Wavelength Range
  •  0.1nm Wavelength Accuracy
  •  -3 to 3 A Photometric Range
  •  Stand-Alone or Computer-Controlled Operation

Wavelength Range (nm)    190 - 1100
Wavelength Accuracy (±nm)    0.1
Wavelength Repeatability (±nm)    0.05
Resolution (nm)    0.5
Max Scan Speed (nm/min)    2800
Monochrometer    Single, Grating
Stray Light %T @ 340nm    0.01
Photometric Range (A)    -3 to 3
Photometric Accuracy (A)    ±0.003
Baseline Stability (A/hr)    0.00015
Baseline Flatness (A)    ± 0.0005
Slit Widths (motorized)    0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 mm
Display    Digitial, Touch Key
Source Types    Halogen, D2

Dimensions:    D57 x W65 x H26
Weight:    57 lbs.

Power: 110V to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Serial: 101NB110243

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