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NanoDrop ND-3300 Fluorospectrometer


NanoDrop ND-3300 Fluorospectrometer
The versatile, cost-effective NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer for broad spectrum fluorescence analysis.
NanoDrop 3300 fluorospectrometers are used by life science laboratories to verify selective concentrations of DNA, RNA, and protein.  Utilizing a patented sample retention system it minimizes the mass detection limit while increasing sensitivity, allowing measurement of samples as low as1 picogram/µl of dsDNA.  The flexibility of the NanoDrop 3300 allows users to work with multiple brands of assays, giving them the freedom to select the best assay for a specific workflow. 
Using patented sample retention technology, the versatile and cost-effective Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer makes broad spectrum fluorescence analysis quick and easy.
The NanoDrop 3300 significantly lowers the mass detection limit more than an order of magnitude, compared to conventional fluorometers. With its advanced features and analysis options, the NanoDrop 3300 allows for a diverse range of measurements from routine RiboGreen, PicoGreen, and GFP to advanced nanoparticle and FRET analysis.

Small footprint, fast measurement, and easy to use
Sample size as small as 1µL
UV, Blue and White LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
No filter changes
No expensive monochromator
Ability to run diverse applications
Customize applications specific to your research
Measures multiple fluorophores from a single sample
Tools to eliminate the guesswork
Provides both spectral and quantitative data
No external power supply is required; all operating power is supplied by the USB port on the PC
PDF Manual available
Serial# 0153
This item is in absoleutely spotless condition and appears little used. Software is available as a free download from Nanodrop website.


Price: £1495.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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