EquipmentLaboratoryInvitrogen Xcell6 Multigel Unit Electrophoresis Gel Tank

Invitrogen Xcell6 Multigel Unit Electrophoresis Gel Tank


Invitrogen Xcell6 Multigel Unit Electrophoresis Gel Tank
The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit is designed to run Novex® pre-cast gels, including NuPAGE®, Tris-Glycine, Tricine, Zymogram, IEF and Novex® 2D gels. With the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit (Figure 1) you can:
•Increase throughput-simultaneously run up to six Novex® pre-cast gels
•Stay Flexible-using the XCell6™ Buffer Dam, you can run anywhere between 3 to 6 gels without wasting buffer
•Eliminate the need for external water baths or stir plates-the unit uses passive cooling
•Achieve low gel-to-gel variation-heat is evenly distributed and dispersed throughout the unit
The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit’s unique design allows you to quickly and easily perform simultaneous vertical electrophoresis of 3–6 mini-gels without any clamps or grease. The no-leak results in consistent performance. The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit is built with tough plastic material to boost durability and contains a specially designed lid to enhance user safety.
The XCell6™ MultiGelUnit consists of a Lower Buffer Chamber, 3 Buffer Cores, a lid with cables, and a Buffer Dam
Dims 16cm (D) x 28cm (W) x 20cm (H)
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Price: £100.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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