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Hybaid Shake 'n' Stack Hybridisation Oven


Hybaid Shake 'n' Stack Hybridisation Oven
The Hybaid Shake ‘n' Stack has been specifically designed for safe stacking up to three units high. Each oven has the ability to operate with either a carousel or shaking platform. One compact triple oven tower can be set up to undertake three distinct functions at different temperatures. Each oven can be furnished with a range of accessories, including a variety of carousels.
Multiple carousel fittings for flexible choice of consumables - able to hold up to ten 35 mm diameter hybridisation bottles or thirty 50 ml plastic tubes
Interchangeable carousel/shaking platform for hybridisation and washing procedures

Stackable format allowing better utilisation of laboratory space
Variable speed settings for protocol optimisation
Range  Ambient +8°C to 85°C
Rotisserie Speed  5-15 rpm
Capacity  10 large, medium & small bottles
Speed   4-10 spm
Maximum Weight Capacity  1kg
Maximum Load Dimensions  250mmW x 180mmH x 200mmD
Material   Stainless steel
External  435mmW x 425mmH x 380mmD
Internal  345mmW x 245mmH x 240mmD
Serial# 11655


Manufacturer: Hybaid

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