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Heraeus Biofuge Fresco Bench Top Refrigerated Microlitre Centrifuge


Heraeus Biofuge Fresco Bench Top Refrigerated Microlitre Centrifuge
The microlitre centrifuges in the Biofuge® family are specially made to handle biological separation tasks. These centrifuges are indispensable in the modern biological laboratory. Heraeus® centrifuges meet all current European Community guidelines and are CE labelled.
Typical Applications
 Pelleting DNA and RNA
 Pelleting of PCR amplified nucleic acids
 Antibody and protein precipitates
 Enzymatic tests
 Removing cell debris from cell homogenates
 Bacterial and yeast cell fractionation
Biofuge® fresco
 The smallest refrigerated centrifuge for microlitre tubes
 Ultra-quiet standstill cooling
 Powerful CFC-free refrigeration unit
 Max. capacity: 24 x 1.5/2 ml or 4 PCR-strips or 32 individual PCR-tubes
 Max. speed: 13,000 rpm
 Max. RCF: 16,060 x g
 Aerosol tight “Easy-Twist-On” lid

The brushless induction motor runs quietly. In 15 seconds or less, the rotor accelerates to 16,000 x g, which is sufficient for most applications.
A “quick run” key is used for short processing runs.
The high-powered refrigeration unit of the Biofuge® fresco with stand by cooling ensures temperatures below 0 °C even at maximum speed
The smooth design of the casing and the modern keypad control are easyto-clean.
The straight-forward arrangement of the keypad, with icons and the EASYcontrol™ microprocessor controller, make it simple to operate.
One-touch lid opening allows for easy rotor access
Temperature range – –9 to +40 °C
Run time 1–99 min, continuous operation, quick run
Max. RCF 16,060 x g
Max. speed 13,000 rpm adjustable in 100 rpm increment
Min. speed 2,000 rpm
Dims HxWxD 305 x 290 x 450 mm
Fitted with rotor 3765: fixed angle rotor for 18 tubes with a diameter of 11 mm, capacity 18 x 2,0 ml
Serial# 224570


Manufacturer: Heraeus

Price: £700.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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