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HANNA HI9835 conductivity/TDS Meter


HANNA HI9835 conductivity/TDS Meter
With Manual and probe
Waterproof conductivity meter to measure conductivity, TDS, salt content and temperature
With the ATC HI 9835 conductivity meter you can measure conductivity in µS/cm or in  ppm (mg/l TDS measurement field), salt content (NaCl) in % and temperature. With the ATCHI 9835 conductivity meter all measurement values can be represented with automatic or manual temperature compensation. The ATC HI 9835 conductivity meter can have atemperature coefficient between 0,0 y 6,0%  and the TDS can be regulated between 0,80 (F1) and 0,40 (F2). The ATC HI 9835 conductivity meter is composed by a waterproof body
which can be both used in the countryside or in the laboratory.
- rubber coated buttons
- waterproof
- replaceable electrode
- large display
- good quality
Technical specifications
Measurement fields
0,0...+ 60 °C
EC conductivity
0,00...29,99 µS/cm;   30,0...299,9 µS/cm
300...2999 µS/cm;  3,00...29,99 mS/cm
30,0...200,0 mS/cm;  200,0...500,0 mS/cm
TDS salt content
0,00...14,99 ppm (mg/l); 15,0...149,9 ppm (mg/l)
150...1499 ppm (mg/l);   1,50...14,99 ppt (g/l)
15,0...100,0 ppt (g/l);   100,0...400,0 ppt (g/l)
0,0 ... 400,0 %
Resolution Temperature 0,1 °C
EC conductivity
0,01 µS/cm; 0,1 µS/cm; 1 µS/cm;
0,01 mS/cm;   0,1 mS/cm
TDS salt content
0,01 ppm; 0,1 ppm; 1 ppm; 0,01 ppt; 0,1 ppt
NaCl 0,1 %
Accuracy (at 20°C)
     EC conductivity
     TDS salt content
± 0,4 °CC
+- 1 % of the indicated value
+- 1 % of the indicated value
+- 1 % of the indicated value
EC conductivity
TDS factor
2 points calibration
1 point (with 6 registered buffers)
adjustable between 0,40 and 0,80
1 point with optional solution (HI 7037)
Temperature compensation automatic or manual 0...60 °C
Electrode HI 76309; for rings probe with built-in thermal sensor connected to a 1m cable
Power supply 4 x AA  1,5 v batteries (150 h)
Auto shut-off after 5 min.  (it can be disabled)
Operating conditions 0...50 °C 100 % HR
Dimensions 196 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight 500 g
Serial# 379359
1 x  HI 9835 conductivity meter
1 x HI 76309 conductivity probe
4 x batteries
1 x user's manual


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