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Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic pump


MINIPULS® 3: Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump

Gilson’s MINIPULS 3 is a peristaltic pump specifically designed to meet

process laboratory liquid handling needs. It combines microprocessor speed

control with a high-torque stepper motor.


Your Benefits
High Performance & Versatile

    Excellent flow rate accuracy and reproducibility with pulse-free flow.
    Accommodates a wide range of flow rates and back pressures, depending on your application.

Reliable & Robust

    High chemical resistance and motor speed stability.

Quiet & Easy to Use

    Always ready to use with a two-minute installation and quick change of pump head.
    Simple operation and easy maintenance.

Safe Reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging environments with its solid construction from robust, chemically resistant materials.

Snappy Tubing Changes

    The cam snaps into place! Tubing in any channel can be changed easily and independently.

Flexible Pump Head Selections

    A wide range of flow rates and back pressures with a choice of interchangeable pump heads.

Economical Solution

    Fine-tuning of the pressure on the tubing helps prolong tubing life.


  •     Any applications requiring flow rates ranging from perfusion of animals in medical/pharmaceutical research up to feeding bioreactors during fermentation.
  •     Wide range of tubings adapted to various applications depending on  chemical compatibility:
  •     PVC (Tygon®) for general use.
  •     Silicone (Versilic®) for biological.
  •     Fluoroelastomer (Isoversinic®) where high-chemical resistance is required.
  •     PharMed® for pharmaceutical and food.

More About the Features

    Pump head with up to 10 rollers.
    6 fully interchangeable pump heads.
    4 types of tubing materials.
    Adjustable speed stepper motor.
    Adjustable cams.
    Pulse free liquid transfer.
    Color coded tubing.

The MINIPULS 3 is resistant over time. Solidly constructed from robust,
chemically resistant materials, it ensures reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging environments. The built-in overflow is your protection in case of tubing rupture.

Part Number:     F155001
Dimensions (W × H × D)     15cm × 18cm × 17.5cm (5.0" × 7.1" × 6.9")
Flow Rate     Standard model - 0.3µl/min to 30ml/min (72 psi/5 bar/0.5 MPa

max); High flow model - 1ml/min to 220ml/min (42 psi/3 bar/0.3 MPa max) Head Speed     

Continuous adjustment from 0 to 48 rpm by 0.01 rpm increments; up to 9.99 rpm and by 0.1 rpm increments above 10 rpm

input/Output Options     Contact Closure - Two TTL-compatible inputs for control of start/stop and direction of flow; Voltage Input - One 5V analog signal for variable control of motor speed; Serial - Gilson Serial

Input/Output Channel (GSIOC) - RS-422A interface
Keypad Functions     Start - Stop - Direction of flow - Increase and decrease flow - Prime
Line Frequency     47 to 63 Hz
Line Voltage     90V to 132V for 110 voltage selection: 180V to 264V for 220

voltage selection
Motor Speed Stability     0.5% for any variation of line voltage - torque or

Operating Temperature     0°C-40°C, no warm-up time required
Peristaltic Tubing Diameter     Standard model - 0.25-4mm (ID); High-Flow

model - 2-8mm (ID)
Power Consumption     Full load 45W at 220V - No load 35W at 220V
Pump Heads     Standard model - 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-channel heads with 10 stainless steel rollers per head; High-Flow model - 2- or 4-channel heads with five stainless steel rollers per head
Tubing Materials     PVC for most applications - Isoversinic® for chemical

inertness - Silicone for biocompatibility - PharMed® for FDA and USP class 4
Weight     4kg (9 lbs)



Price: £395.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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