EquipmentFiltrationFistreem AquaRec UV Water Recirculation Deionisation System.

Fistreem AquaRec UV Water Recirculation Deionisation System.


Fistreem AquaRec UV Water Recirculation Deionisation System.
WDA300.RW1.5, .
Provides a continuous supply of purified water to satisfy the needs of humidification systems in Environmental Chambers and other applications requiring a pure water recirculation system. AquaRec UV is particularly useful in providing a purified water supply in locations where on-line water supply and drains are not available at the location.
The self contained system is housed in an attractive cabinet with acrylic viewing panel.
Continuous supply of purified water.
Feed water is purified by a means of a combination of particulate removal cartridge and ion exchange (deionising) resin for low ionic content water. The pure water is finally passed through a powerful ultraviolet lamp system to reduce the possibility of bacterial contamination in the chamber. Used water from the chamber is collected into an internal 20 litre reservoir in the AquaRec and continuously recirculated through the cartridges and UV to ensure a constant supply of purified water to the chamber.
Disposable Purification Cartridges and Filters
The cartridges are fully disposable and may be exchanged in moments. Two purity windows in the Deioniser Cartridge indicate resin exhaustion by a distinctive resin colour change. The purity windows show water quality at 1 and 10 microSiemen cm conductivity. The Particulate Filter removes particles to 50 micron.
Catalogue No Description Dimensions (WxDxH) mm Weight (empty) kg Power
WDA300.RW1.5 Fistreem Aquarec UV Water Circulation System 460 x 350 x 740 22 220/240V 50/60Hz
Serial Nos:
Replacement parts available from Fistreem:
DCF-736-400F Particulate Filter
DCF-736-100R Organic Removal Cartridge
DCF-720-S Deioniser Cartridge
WDA700.UVJ.9 UV Lamp


Price: £495.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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