EquipmentElectricalFiberlign Fusion Fibre Optic Splicer QF0001

Fiberlign Fusion Fibre Optic Splicer QF0001


Fiberlign Fusion Fibre Optic Splicer QF0001





Fiberlign Fusion Fibre Optic Splicer QF0001


Fusion splicing is the act of joining two optical fibres end-to-end. The goal is to fuse the two fibres together in such a way that light passing through the fibres is not scattered or reflected back by the splice, and so that the splice and the region surrounding it are almost as strong as the virgin fibre itself.


This fusion splicing apparatus consists of two fixtures on which the fibres are mounted and two electrodes. Inspection microscope assists in the placement of the prepared fiber ends into a fusion-splicing apparatus. The fibres are placed into the apparatus, aligned, and then fused together.


Comes complete in a black case.


This unit powers up and looks in good condition but we have no means to test it properly so it is sold ‘as is’.


Fiberlign Fusion Fibre Optic Splicer QF0001 Dimensions


Height 180mm

Width 360mm

Depth 260mm


Weight 7.65kg

Price: £350.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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