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Thermo Hereaus T6200 Laboratory Oven


Thermo Hereaus T6200 Laboratory Oven
Virtually every heating and drying requirement in the laboratory can benefit from the Series 6000 ovens’ premium liability, safety and quality.
• High performance and efficiency. With extremely short heat-up and recovery times, the ovens can reach temperatures up to 300 °C. A low level of heat emission ensures low energy consumption.
• Long-lasting reliability. Heraeus Series 6000 ovens are made exclusively with high quality materials and components from ISO-certified production plant in Germany.
Process control
Throttle valve for smooth adjustment of air changes
Temperature documentation
Connection facility for an external temperature recorder for measuring with Pt 100 temperature sensor, connection via DIN 41524 plug. Sensor permanently installed.
Temperature controller
Kelvitron® Microprocessor temperature controller. Accurate display of the set point or actual reading PD/PID control response for rapid heating, minimum overshoot and low control deviation.
Upper temperature limit protection
Adjustable upper limit cut-out. Safety Class 2, switches off equipment at an adjustable temperature limit independently of the temperature controller.
Serial# 40480300
Dims (EXT) 72cm (D) x 90cm (W) x 82cm (H)
Dims (INT) 50cm (D) x 55cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Capacity 196 Litres


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