EquipmentMetrologySheen Instruments Digital Rotothinner™ Viscometer

Sheen Instruments Digital Rotothinner™ Viscometer


Sheen Instruments Digital Rotothinner™ Viscometer

Pre-Owned but unused

Sheen VT-1

Range 0.1 - 20
Paint or similar

1 Poise (P)=100
P= St x Density

Accuracy +- 1% of the full scale in use
Resolution +-0.5% of the full scale in use
Repeatability: +- 0.5% of the full scale in use
Ambient Temperature +10Deg C to + 40Deg C
Speed 562rpm +-2% over range


The Rotothinner instrument uses a disc or ball shaped rotor to determine the viscosity of the sample under test. The results are displayed on the LCD screen in POISE units.

Rotothinners allow the operator to continuously monitor the samples viscosity whilst a solvent or thinner is added. This allows quick correction factors for use in the production batch when carried out quantitatively.

The viscosity is measured using a high quality microprocessor controlled DC motor. The robust construction of the Rotothinners means that they are suitable for use as both production and laboratory instruments.

Dimensions: D23 x W18 x H45 cm

Price: £595.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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