Cryofab Mobile 240 Litre Nitrogen Vessel Dewar - on casters

This Cryofab Portable Liquid Cylinder is intended for low pressure transport and storage of liquid nitrogen. The operating premise is for conventional straight liquid dispensing only. With casters mounted, this unit is ready to roll when you receive it. Its' user friendly design is simple and rugged in construction. Mobility makes it ideal for inter lab or plant use.

Included with the vessel is a liquid fill/withdrawal valve, vent valve with a full tricock to prevent overfilling, pressure gauge and appropriate relief devices. A feature setting the CL series apart from others is the differential pressure type liquid level gauge. It's easy to read and reliable.

The CLPB Series adds the option of a self-pressurizing system. Self-pressurizing dewars provide the ultimate in convenience and transfer efficiency. With the turn of a knob, pressure can be maintained for the duration of a transfer, especially if it is a large volume of liquid. This feature is self contained and completely eliminates the need for any external pressurization attachments and equipment. Each container is equipped with an adjustable regulator to maintain any required pressure from 7 to 25 PSI.


The container consists of an inner stainless steel cylinder securely supported in an outer jacket shell. The space between the inner and outer vessels contains a highly efficient insulation material and is evacuated.

Safety Devices

A relief valve, and a rupture disc protect the inner liquid reservoir, both located on the manifold.

A combination evacuation valve and relief device is provided to service the vacuum space. This protects the container in the event of a leak in the inner reservoir. If this device vents, contact Cryofab; do not attempt to use the container or re-evacuate the insulation space.


A pressure gauge is provided indicating inner vessel pressure. A liquid level gauge is provided to indicate approximate container contents.


These containers are designed for use in the upright position and should not be laid on their side. If a container must be lifted, use a forklift or similar device beneath the base, or hoist by means of the lifting slots in the halo ring struts. Do not attempt to lift by the handles or by means of slings around the shell.


These containers can be filled from a pressurized liquid source using the following procedure: Connect the liquid source to the fill/withdrawal valve (labeled liquid) using a suitable transfer line. Open the vent valve (labeled vent) and the fill/withdrawal valve. To begin the transfer, open the liquid source valve. Keep the container pressure below the relief valve setting during filling. Throttle the flow from the liquid source if necessary.

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