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Minolta CR-300 Chroma Meter, Color meter,


CR-300 Chroma Meter, Color meter, Minolta

User Manual, Power Lead, Calibration Tile, Minolta Carry Case.

The CR-310 is a compact color meter with a measuringarea of 50 mm diameter, which also can measure substances and textured surfaces. A xenon arc lamp is used to illuminate the surface during the measurement. The Data Processor DP-301 is easy to use and versatile. Up to 300 measurements can be stored. The measurements are stored as absolute color and colordifference.

Technical specifications:

Light Source: Xenon arc lamp
Measuring area: Ø 50 mm
Measuring system: wide-area illumination / 0 ° angle

Dimensions CR-310 (W) x (D) x (H): 91 x 60 x 229 mm
Dimensions DP-301 (W) x (D) x (H): 220 x 200 x 50 mm

The Konica Minolta CR series Chroma Meters are crafted to be lightweight, compact, portable tristimulus colorimeters for measuring color differences and reflected color in a vast range of industrial fields. There are five models in the CR series that are ideal for the needs of an array of applications. All of the CR models provide excellent inter-instrument agreement allowing for color control of multiple units within a single company or between two or more companies.

The measuring head of the CR-300 uses diffuse illumination/0° viewing geometry (specular component included) to provide measurements of a wide variety of surfaces which correlate well with color as seen under diffuse lighting conditions. A pulsed xenon arc (PXA) lamp inside a mixing chamber provides diffuse, uniform lighting over the 8mm-diameter specimen area. Only the light reflected perpendicular to the specimen surface is collected by the optical-fiber cable for color analysis.

Color-Control Applications:
Paint Industry:

Paints for houses, automobiles, etc.; metal plating and coloring
Rubber/Plastic Industry

Raw materials, molded products
Printing Industry:

Printed materials, such as catalogs, posters, etc.
Textile/dyeing industry

Color of dyed cloth of fibers, printed fabrics
Food industry

Processed foods; determining maturity levels of raw products
Ceramic Industry:

Tiles, porcelain, pottery, glass, etc.
Data Processor(DP-301) Features
Full portability for On-the-Go Color Control

Variety of Data-Processing Functions

The data processor of the CR-300 series Chroma Meters is an all-in-one unit with an LCD display, thermal printer, and RS-232C, remote-control, and ΔE*ab alarm terminals.

Data can be displayed, printed out, or output in a variety of color systems.

To provide the highest measurement accuracy, the data processor is equipped with a multicalibration function, which utilizes all calibration data in memory (calibration data can be stored in up to 20 memory channels) in calculating the measurement data. Users can also select a single calibration memory channel if desired.

Other features of the data processor include: Memory space for 300 sets of measurement data; 20 memory channels for target data for color difference measurements; statistical calculations; an interval timer for automatic, timer-controlled measurements; and a ΔE*ab alarm function.

Serial: 16281059

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