EquipmentLaboratoryCamspec M330 UV Visible Photospectrometer

Camspec M330 UV Visible Photospectrometer


Camspec M330 UV Visible Photospectrometer


Transmission     190-900 nm         0 - 100%     
Absorbance         190-900 nm        0-3     
Special                Concentration     on factor input     

Short description:

Photospectrometer with properties of a two-channel device for recording UV / VIS - spectra. Although the photometer has an
automatic feed shaft length, but the "base line" must be recorded and stored by the computer.

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The Camspec is connected via a null modem cable (25-pin Sub-D female connector on the computer side and 25-pin D-sub female


Calculator                Meaning                                        Calculator

25-pin. Female                                                  25-pin. Female        9-pin. Female

2                                 TxD                                                3                                 2
3                                  RxD                                              2                                 3

4,5                              SD                                                8                                1

6                                 DTR                                              20                               4

7                                GND                                              7                                 5

8                                RTS, CTS                                   4,5                               7,8

20                             DSR                                               6                                 6



Tips for use:

During switching the spectrometer performs a self-test. During this time, no access should be done through the computer. The operation of the spectrometer should be done by the programs unimess Light or AK-Spectro. Function:-Auto-scan spectra. If you want to have when measuring the spectra overlap function AK-DAT SYSTEM be enabled.

Setting the baud rate:

SW5     SW6     
ON       ON        300
ON       OFF     1200
OFF     ON        2400
OFF     OFF      4800

Programming: Word length: 8; Stop bits: 2, NO parity

The Camspec M 330 is suitable for combination with the programs HAND-Light or AK spec, (ie in the UV) to take spectra in the range
of about 190 to 900 nm.


This product requires a replacement DT Lamp. Available for approx £300.00

There is NO Software with the Instrument.

Price: £0.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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