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Brookfield DV-III+ Programmable Rheometer


Brookfield DV-III+ Programmable Rheometer
The Brookfield DV-III+ Programmable Rheometer measures fluid parameters of Shear Stress and Viscosity at given Shear Rates.  Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow.
The principle of operation of the DV-III+ is to drive a spindle (which is immersed in the test fluid) through a calibrated spring. The viscous drag of the fluid against the spindle is measured by the spring deflection. Spring deflection is measured with a rotary transducer.  The measuring range of a DV-III+ (in centipoise) is determined by the rotational speed of the spindle, the size and shape of the spindle, the container the spindle is rotating in, and the full scale torque of the calibrated spring.
                  Spring Torque
 Model         dyne-cm       milli Newton - m
HBDV-III+      57,496.0          5.7496
All units of measurement are displayed according to either the CGS system or the SI system.
1. Viscosity appears in units of centipoise (shown as “cP”) or milliPascal-seconds (shown as mPa•s) on the DV-III Rheometer display.
2. Shear Stress appears in units of dynes/square centimeter (“D/cm2”) or Newtons/square meter (“N/m2”).
3. Shear Rate appears in units of reciprocal seconds (“1/SEC”).
4. Torque appears in units of dyne-centimeters or Newton-meters (shown as percent “%” in both cases) on the DV-III Rheometer display)
This item is set up a cone and plate device however note does not include a cone or spindles, a spare cup is included though
Serial# RP59963
Original Manual Included


Price: £1250.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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