EquipmentLaboratoryBiomicrolab Volume Check, Software Disc And Manual

Biomicrolab Volume Check, software disc and Manual


Volume Check VC100, From Biomicrolab

With User Manual and Software disc

Automated Non-contact Liquid Volume Detection
The VolumeCheck uses ultrasonic technology to measure the height of the sample meniscus without coming into contact with the sample. The volume of each well of a 96 plate is returned in about one minute. This easy to use system provides a robust alternative to manual or visual well plate inspection.


    Outputs sample volume for each well or tube
    Scans Water / Alcohol / DMSO based samples
    Simple calibration procedure
    Fast 30 second scan speed
    Small 10” x  17” footprint

Automation Benefits

    Automated plate volume QC
    Replaces visual or manual inspection of well plates
    Accuracy of +/- 10µL

Compatible Labware

    PCR plates /  assay plates
    Shallow / deep well plates
    96, 48, & 24 SBS well labware
    Vials or tubes up to 52-70mm in height*
    Non-transparent labware
    Uncapped or unsealed labware

    * varies by model

VolumeCheck Software

    Graphically displays well plate volumes in an on-screen color map
    Outputs customizable CSV file for Excel or LIMS
    Integrates with other software using ActiveX Toolkit
    Windows based (XP, Vista and 7)

How It Works

The VolumeCheck uses ultrasonic technology to measure the distance between the sensor and the height of the meniscus. It then extrapolates the distance from a calibration table created by the user and outputs a volume with an accuracy of +/- 10µl. The technology allows for sample measurement of sample volume in a wide variety labware.

The VolumeCheck software calibration wizard assists the user in efficiently creating the calibration table, which is based on known volumes of a given sample. Many calibration tables can be stored, making it easy to switch between sample types and different types of labware.

The resolution and accuracy will depend on whether the samples were centrifuged, any dimensional variation in labware consumables, the accuracy of the calibration tables created by the user, and the sample volume in the plates. The VolumeCheck returns a higher resolution with low volume plates vs. higher volume plates (PCR plates vs. 2.2mL deep well plates).

The VolumeCheck exhibits good repeatability, which makes it an appropriate choice for many volume inspection tasks.
      Plates per min    Compatible Labware      96 well plate    48 & 24 well plate
 VolumeCheck 100 LV     1    up to 70mm     yes     yes
 VolumeCheck 100     1    up to 52mm     yes     yes
 VolumeCheck 50    0.3     up to 52mm     yes     yes


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