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Aurora A1 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


AI 1200, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

High spectral throughput single beam optics with automatic drift correction. 0.3m Czerny – Turner mount monochromator; automated drive grating with 1200 grooves/mm,
Wide range high sensitivity PMT 185 to 900 nm, adjustable bandpass settings 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 nm, and reduced height 0.5 nm slit for GF analysis. 1000Hz HCL data
sampling rate.
Background correction; Self reversal (Smith-Hieftje)
for accurate correction.   220/240 V A/C 50/60 Hz power supplies, and safety interlocks;

AI 1200 Operation Software
Software package includes, and AISPEC 8.0 analytical applications software for spectrometer, flame, furnace, vapor generator, plasma generator and autosampler
control, data collection, treatment and transfer.

Programmable Gas Control Software
controlled gas flow rate with automatic changeover between oxidant gases.

VG 411 Vapor/Hydride Generator Includes continuous flow peristaltic pump with speed control, high efficiency mixing section, gas liquid separator.

5 Lamp Automatic Turret
with independent power supply.  Automatic alignment and coded lamp selection.

Flame Atomizing System
Includes corrosion resistant acetylene burner, solid Teflon spray chamber, liquid trap system, pressure relief bung, software control, safety interlocks for burner type, burner fitted, gas pressure,
flame on/off sensor, automatic shut down in the event of power failure and flame shield.

D2 Background Correction Deuterium lamp
with 1 ms rapid response for accurate correction.  Electronic modulation with deuterium current control and aperture attenuation

Price: £4995.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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